domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

They Guesstimate

Tired, almost dead, but something makes me being there, makes me want to be there... standing on my last days on Earth. Living and laughing.
Nothing, can be all, if you have something that makes you miserable.
Excessive happiness, equal to alienation.

Blindness... little by little.
Can see everything like it really is. Reality hurts, but pain makes me more strong... makes me feel alive.

Maybe they don't want you. You can spend your entire life, living from hope, and seeing all the colors.
But you never saw the universe, never heard a word about realism, and never tasted the flavor of being unique.

She knows your every weakness, all your worst fears and pain. Your love and your hate. The irrelevant, and the reason.
But, after all, she cares for you. Scars, scratches and burns. And explains: "All the lessons ... learn from them and never repeat the failures, idiot."

I have my freedom.
Body and mind ... throughout my life.

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