quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Acid on grass

All meaningless things
Nothing is nothing ...
But for all human beings
it means something.

Each time someone says:
"I care because you care"
In fact, really: "Hey!Have a nice day!"
"I don't care."

A smile on the face,
Always looking forward
but glory confused with a radius
that blinds... so hard.

Ambient sounds,
the world is so great
"This is wrong, mate"
Maybe. Still out of bounds.

Like oil,
like water,
I'm made of ego.
We cannot mix.

Too hot in the heat..
so calm, every heartbeat
Lots of uses, combinations
sometimes, so hard to use.

Say nothing.
Just leave.
Slowly, that's killing.
Sorry to say. You failed.

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