sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Freedom without chains.

Everything makes me a prisoner.
Dreams, people, the air... even myself. Death is a cure, death is freedom.

But if we try to be free in Life? Be free for a moment... like happiness.
A free breath, freeing the air; a free fall, feeling the gravity, controlling our lives.
And say: "I can fall, but I can't die!". Believe that, free that.

A free walk with free time. Free movements, free words! Your mind and body are now free.
Free your feelings. Emotion and courage! Rage and hate! You can do anything. Your mind can.

Too high? Climb it!
Too deep? Fall in!
Fear isn't you ally. But you can free him.

Love can't control you anymore. Hate can't. You can control yourself.
Choose suffer? Love and hate are options. You can scream, loud and clear: "I want love!", and then, you will love.
Tired of love? You can sigh, slow and deeply: "I don't want it anymore!" and then... love will vanish.

You own yourself. That makes you not completely free.
"But... why?" - you ask.
While alive, your soul is stuck in your body. Chained in your body. Attached to him.

Don't think.
Be free while you can.
Free moves, free fresh air... a free run to a painful life/death.

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